Update applications on VMware WorkSpace One


Firstly I must thank everyone who contributed towards the development of this great tool. Your work is really appreciated.

We use Vmware WorkSpace one to deploy applications to some of our clients and the PSAppdeployment toolkit is our go-to when it comes to managing complex requirements.

WorkSpace one has the feature to update the version if it’s deployed natively but I am not sure how this is going to be applied for applications deployed using PSADT.

Has anyone here have any experience on this subject? Do we need to deactivate the existing version and upload the new version as a new application/package?

Thanks in advance,

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I personally dont have experience with it yet, but this thread might be more helpful: AirWatch\Workspace ONE

Hi luki1412,

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked that thread and unfortunately it does not apply to this instance. I have no issues in deploying applications using PS toolkit, Its more to do on how to version updates after the deployment.

I have been doing some tests on my own and what I found that the version updates are similar to a normal MSI deployment, at least on the applications that I tried/tested.