Updating the Toolkit Version

Looking for the proper/supported way of updating the toolkit files after a deployment is already setup with a custom Deploy-Application.ps1 script? Is it just a matter of replacing the files in the AppDeployToolkit folder? Does anything need to change in the Deploy-Application script? Just trying to avoid recreating multiple deployments already in production.

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If it works, I wouldn’t touch it.
Otherwise You’ll end up with two different packages installing the same application. When you have a problem you’ll have the joy of figuring which version of they package they have.

It you need to change the application AND there’s an updated version of PSADT, then yes, change the PSADT version.

I entirely agree with @That-Annoying-Guy .
I only use a newer version of PSADT when I have a newer version of an app to package and then deploy.
Admittedly I download a new copy of PSADT when it is released and then copy in any of my changes to my repository copy (usually using Beyond Compare) and then update my deployment scripts to point at the new version folder. That way, all future deployments will use the latest version of PSADT

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