Must the Deploy_Application.ps1 file be replaced uppon every new PSADT release

Hi there,
I am quite new in PSADT, started with 3.9.3 and got now the 3.10.0 Toolkit.
My questions:

  • Is the Deploy_Application.ps1 code from older releases compatible to new Toolkit files?
  • can I use new functionality of Toolkit with an older Deploy-File Version?
  • or is it mandatory to merge the new Deploy_Application.ps1 with my existing Deploy-Files?

Thanks for help. If I miss notes to that topic somewhere in the forum I apologize.

Sometimes there will be changes (e.g. the addition of the entire Repair section a while back), but in general, you do not need to update it. At least for v3.x (and hopefully v4.x!).

It is worth doing a quick visual diff though (I like Beyond Compare) whenever you download a new toolkit version to compare these files though.


Hi again, I found a post to that issue here : Updating the Toolkit Version

An also a simple file compare shows only version or cosmetic changes in the new v3.10 Deployment file.

Thanks for your answers.

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It’s good to know when a post helps more than one person, I’m glad the content helped you.
As I said in the linked post, a copy of Beyond Compare is highly recommended to anyone that needs to compare code or keep code in sync - it’s a great tool, alternatively WinMerge does a lot of the same, but just not quite as well.

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I am using notepad++ for nearly all. So the compare showed these cosmetic changes.
Because we have no history in PSADT yet I want to start with the most recent version.
Anyhow… thanks again.

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