Toolkit upgrade change management

Hello all, I’m just getting started with PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit and had a quick question that I haven’t seen asked anywhere else yet. Is there a best practice when upgrading to a newer version of the toolkit? My plan is to use this as our only script engine for application deployment, inside and outside of SCCM, and I want to have a good handle on how to plan for future toolkit upgrades. If this information is already available and I’ve missed it then I apologize, I try not to bother others with my problems until I’ve done my homework.

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I have upgraded from 3.5.0 to 3.6.0 to 3.6.3 (luckily still in test environment) and very excited for the improvements available in each release. I have heard that all you need to do is copy over the ‘AppDeployToolkit’ folder and everything should be fine.
I have noticed between the Deploy-Application.ps1 files between the three versions, there are many additions in the script as far as lines of code. (Example Toolkit Exit Code Ranges in 3.6.3, more CmdletBindings listed, etc)
The Admin guide also mentions advancements that no longer require the user to use certain syntax in the script as the versions have came out.
Any one have any best practices or what people have done that are current in a production environment when upgrading versions?

Keep up the great work!

It depends on the changes made.
In general, yes, swapping out the contents of the ‘AppDeployToolkit’ folder will work. The devs put allot of work in making this possible.

But I would also compare the Deploy-Application.ps1 files for differences in the logic.
I use a compare tool for this (WinMerge (OSS), BeyondCompare ($$$) )
In general though, changes in the Deploy-Application.ps1 file is usually rare.

Disclaimer: I maintain a private fork of PSADT and contribute to PSADT.