Workspace ONE(Airwatch)

Hello All,
New to the toolkit. I am using Workspace ONE and leveraging the Interactive behavior with PSAppDeployToolkit. Everything is working with the exception of the soft-reboot using 3010.
Install Command: Powershell.exe .\Deploy-Application.ps1 -DeploymentType “Install” -DeployMode “Interactive” -AllowRebootPassThru

I downloaded the latest toolkit today, to make sure I wasn’t battling a bug, but I am still struggling.

Any assistance would be extremely appreciated.

The -AllowRebootPassThru switch is only IF you use Deploy-Application.exe (you don’t)

Somewhere in Deploy-Application.ps1, add the following line BEFORE it wants to exit/reboot:
$AllowRebootPassThru = $true #Forces Exit-Script to allow 1641 or 3010 to reach SCCM