Dot net 3.5 requirement on windows 10

With windows 10 (1803g , I am being asked to install dot net 3.5 feature to run toolkit . Is this a requirement ? Please advise.

Just to add if i use deploy-application.exe of older version like 3.1.4 it works fine.

Hey. Just seeing this now, apologies. Hmmm, must be something in how deploy-application.exe has been compiled. Let me look into it.


Thanks …

Just to add.
I think it was complied using Dot net 3.5 assemblies as I am able to run same ps1 with old exe without any prompts on same machine…

Hey. Pushed a fix. Can you retest, pulling down the latest from master?

Cheers, Dan

Sure. Will share feedback by tomorrow .


[quote=“RJMonk, post:5, topic:2094”]
[/quote] Working -Tested in windows 10.