PSADT Compatible with all versions of Windows?


I looked around on the website here and couldn’t find anything about the version of Windows and PSADT. I’m wondering if there is a conflict between 20H2/1909 and v3.6.9 (yes, I know we need to upgrade but that’s not an option right now) of the toolkit?

The reason I ask is that when I deploy something, the install finishes but the popup is hung on the ‘Uninstalling’ piece and never gets off that without user intervention. The logs show an exit code of 0. The uninstall box is still there even after 20 minutes.

Wondering if anyone has seen this before?


IMHO, I believe very few of us run 5 year old PSADT v3.6.9 on the latest version of Windows 10.
We would need to see at least some of your code or the log file to you.

The “popup” might be a separate instance of PSADT if you use the -nowait parameter in some functions and the old version of PSADT might not clean it up after it finishes with Exitcode 0.