Deploying with Batch files through SCCM

I am brand new to SCCM and your tool and have what are probably very basic questions. I traditionally deploy via batch files(software and configuration) and are trying to migrate that to the PSAPPDeploy/SCCM world. My question is can I deploy batch files via PSAPPDeploy and if so how do I deal with paths to files so it works from SCCM.

Why? Better is that you learn to recreate your batch files to Powershell.
that´s what i done. PSAPPDEP is a great tool with them you have a basic set an Powershell.
very good help is the DOCumentation, there are very good examples so you can learn.

but if you want run your batch file you must copy them to the files folder and then call with this line:

execute-process -path “YOURCMD.CMD” -Parameters “when needed”

take a look in the DOC too.