Debugging when PSAppDeployToolkit is launched with Install Param?

Hey - fairly new to SCCM in general, only been doing lab work this on it last year, and I inherited responsibility for cleaning up and updating a package that was deployed with PSAppDeployKit (via SCCM).

I apologize if the answer is out there and my web search skills are failing me - but I can’t seem to find anything on this subject outside of the debug function parameters.

Is it possible to run an install and execute the powershell through a debugger? Normally, once I’m done testing all of the functions, I’d run it through a debugger with a few breakpoints to make sure everything makes sense (I’m partial to VS Code’s).

Any tips on how you folks accomplish that? Dot source everything in the toolkit path and comment out the exe calls or something like that?

This tool is just a wrapper for powershell. You just need to execute the main script ps1 and then open your deployment application script and setup up break points. Built in powershell ISE and VS Code both support it.