Execute .BAT File

Hello everyone, started to use PSADT recently and currently work on packaging up software deployment through SCCM.

In the install section I have Execute-Process -Path 'Setup.exe" -Parameters “/s /noreboot”

In the Post-Install I am trying to run a batch file that will activate software. Can someone share with with me what method can I use to call the Batch File?

Both Setup.exe and Activate.bat files are sitting in the same folder “Files”

Thank You.

Please disregard this, I have found my solution, thank you!

And your solution was…?

this is what I used and it works for me

Start-Process “cmd.exe” "/c $dirSupportFiles\

Thanks. I was having problems doing the same thing. I had tried something like that but eventually abandoned it an executed each command individually via Execute-Process. It gave me greater control, and better logging.

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