Prompt Shown When Deploying via SCCM

I’m using PSAppDeploy with SCCM. I created a deployment using Copy-File in PSAppdeploy and I am having it run when the user is logged in. The deployment copies a file to a path in appdata for the user. Here is my script code:

Copy-File -Path “$dirSupportFiles\blank.potx” -Destination “$envAppData\microsoft\templates\blank.potx”

This is being deployed as a SCCM application. It is configured to install for the user and the install command is:

Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType ‘Install’ -DeployMode ‘NonInteractive’

When the user is logged in and the deployment runs, I get the following:


Is there anything I missed in this configuration that could prevent that prompt from appearing?

You’ll need to edit the XML to allow PSADT in standard user context. Otherwise it forces Administrative rights.

Check this thread:

Hope that helps.

Thanks! Will check out that thread.

You need to use an active setup for this. Copy the file to a location on c-drive somewhere. Just create a templates directory in the program files.

Then create a active setup with the build in function that does a copy command to %appdata%

No need for admin permissions or editing the xml file.