How to deploy via SCCM

SCCM/PADT newbie here.

I’ve successfully gotten my PADT scripts to run manually via commandline (Deploy-application.ps1) manually on a client machine (targetting the SCCM distribution point).

I’ve tried to move on to now having SCCM deploy it for me. I seem to be failing.

Is there a guide to a best practice on how to have SCCM deploy a PADT .ps1 or .exe?
I’ve tried an application install (probably did it wrong) .IT shows up on the client apps in the Software Center, but it doesn’t actually do anything (never got a prompt to start for instance).
I’m logged in as an elevated user, so I can’t imagine that’d be the problem.

I then tried doing it as a package install and i thought it was much easier, but I’ve not been able to get past the download phase. It reports in as in-progress and is waiting for content. I look at CAS.log (i’ve tried run remote and download/run both) and I see it found the proper DP and is downloading, but even waiting hours I don’t see it working.

I changed the client for the test PC to not have a BITS throttle, butnow after an hour it’s indicating no messages have been received (likely unrelated).

Is there a document or a help that I’ve overlooked.

Site note: I’ve never deployed anything from SCCM. I feel confident I’ve gotten 90% of the way there. Just not sure how to move forward.

Check your AppEnforce.log file.

If Software Center is stuck on “downloading” and the content is not actually getting downloaded to C:\Windows\ccmcache. Then I’m guessing your boundary groups are not configured correctly.

When you look at “C:\Windows\CCM\Logs\CAS.log” on the client does it have an entry stating “Matching DP location found…”

Do you have any issues deploying a standard package?

I’m assuming you’ve distributed your content…

Most of everything you’d need for creating the PSADT package is in the user guide. My steps are as follows:

  1. Create your PSADT package by adding your files to Files directory. Then modify the Deploy-application.ps1 file to do what you’re trying to do.
  2. Create a folder in your software sources directory in SCCM for the software you want to deploy. Then copy all of the files from your Toolkit folder in PSADT into the directory you just created in your SCCM sources folder.
  3. Create a package in SCCM, referencing the directory you copied your files to.
  4. Create a program, with this as the command "Deploy-Application.exe -DeployType “Install” (See Admin guide for other options)
  5. Distribute package.
  6. Once it is on your distribution point, deploy to your collection.
  7. Watch execmgr.log for execution…
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