Deploy-Application.exe Nothing happens

Good morning (or night),
Yesterday i downloaded the 3.7.0 version of PSAppDeployToolKit, ive been running 3.6.8 for a long time, cause there seem to be some nice fixes etc.

I test it out with a simple MSI application, that i know works in 3.6.8 with the same cmd.
I Remove the Zero-config and show progress.

This is the cmd;
“Execute-MSI -Action Install -Path “***********.msi” -Parameters ‘/QN’”

And then i do as i Always do when i try out new packege (in 3.6.8), open powershell as admin, type :"./Deploy-application.exe install"

NOTHING happens, nada, zip, zero…
I dont even get any logs under c:\windows\logs\software
I see in the taskmanager that the deploy-appilcation.exe is there, but it gets “stuck” and nothing more happens.

If i run the example: “powershell.exe -Command “& { & ‘.\Deploy-Application.ps1’ -DeployMode ‘Silent’; Exit $LastExitCode }””

It work just fine…

What has changen? hahha :slight_smile:
Anyone that have experianced the same problem?

I have been running 3.7 for quite some time now and never had this problem at all. One of my larger scripts calls some 13 different MSI files with various parameters and works like a charm. I’d suggest perhaps a redownload of the toolkit and starting over with your testing, otherwise that’s quite strange!!


This sounds like a missing ’ or some character like that missing or entered double. I’ve atleast found that the times my Deploy-Application won’t run, it’s because of that. Copy out your install and uninstall pieces and into a fresh template.