Cant Launch deploy-application.exe

Ive got a deployment created that I’m trying to test and for some reason the deploy-application.exe will not launch.

Im using no switches, just double-clicking the exe while its local on the desktop of the machine i want to run it on.

Any ideas what it could be? I’ve tried two machines and it wont launch on either.

What happens when you try just running the script without deploy-application.exe ?

Open the deploy-application.ps1 in PowerShell ISE and see what the error is. Guessing there is a type-o somewhere.

There must have been a type. Next time i will try to just run the script to see if I can identify the error. In this case it wasnt worth it for 3 lines of commands. I just started with a fresh copy of the toolkit script and copied my commands over. Its working now. Thanks.

As long as you’re using the toolkits defaults you’re supposed to get a log file in %windir%\Logs\Software with a name based on the variables set in the area VARIABLE DECLARATION of your script (appvendor, appname, appversion). Have a loook in the log folder, if you do not find your log file there it’s more likely that the PowerShell execution policy is too strict (for example, when you restrict the exection policy through GPO, the toolkit cannot bypass it), or perhaps toolkit files missing from your package.

Normally when there’s typo-s involved some kind of error is thrown at you (depending on how you are initiating the process). So I’m thinking it’s either an execution policy conflict, or maybe that the package is run in a non-interactive mode.

Based on what you mentioned regarding your testing, here’s my two cents:

  1. Always start with testing on a standalone, non-domain joined, virtual machine first. If the first test fails – read the log files, fix what’s wrong, revert to a clean snapshot and test again.
  2. Do not place the package on the desktop of a user profile place it in C:\Temp or anywhere where any user account has access.

Also worth mentioning in case you didn’t already know about it – use CMTrace for reading log files (found in:

Hope this helps!

Didn’t see your reply there he he… I’m clumpsy! Hope my reply was of any use either way :)…