Deploy-Application.exe starts then stops

I have a working Deploy-Application.ps1 script that will run correctly when called from PowerShell. When I try to run the Deploy-Application.exe file, the app starts and subsequently stops within about five seconds. No logs are created, it’s like the app is starting up, has nothing to do and then stops.

This was working for me in v3.2.0, but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong at this point. Any thoughts or ideas to point me in the right direction are appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve only had this happen when something in the Deploy-Application.ps1 is not formatted correctly. Can you post your script?

Are you deploying it through SCCM? Check the AppEnforce.log file if you are and see if there is an error message. If not, check the event log to see what the error message is. That might give a clue as to what is happening.

I also have the same issue. If someone knows of a fix, it will be very useful. This even happens when running deploy-application.exe in DOS

I have changed the executionlevel on some of our machines to “AllSigned”, is that likely to cause any problems?

I’ll need to see your script in order to begin diagnosing your issue. Please reply with a snippet of your deploy-application.ps1 and we’ll start from there.

Setting the executionpolicy to Allsigned will force all clients to validate that the powershell scripts executed on them are signed by a recognized certificate in your environment. We do not sign our scripts, you would have to do that internally.