Confirmation of UI components requirements

Hey guys, I’ve been having this issue the last few days where any installations that require user input through any of the UI components will just error out, through SCCM 2012 R2.

I don’t believe I’ve changed my process at all and I’ve done hundreds of these over the last year or so.

So I just wanted to confirm the way the UI acts.

Is it required to only use the options ‘Only if a user is logged in’ and ‘Allow users to interact…’ in the app deployment?

I don’t rembmer ever setting these before and I don’t remember having any issues. Last few days I had any installation that requires a user interaction through the PSADT UI fails if those options are not set.

Have I just been lucky with my deployments so far?


My experience has been ‘Allow users to interact…’ must be checked.

I must have just been lucky in the past.

We do a lot of SCCM deployments after hours using WOL so I tend to just use the ‘Whether user is logged in or not’ options, that way we can get the majority after hours, then the stragglers can just get it when they log in.

I don’t ever remember seeing any errors in the logs.

What happened this week was I did a major rollout with my ‘normal’ settings, and a lot of machines reported errors trying to display the UI prompts. I think it might have just been a combination of ‘close apps’, user logins and the options I used.