SCCM user experience settings for PSADT?

Hello all,

I just started using PSADT. I am using it to deploy another software and it works correctly when run from Software Center however, with the automated or “Required” install I’m not getting the pop-ups. The install runs successfully but we need to pop-up to tell people to save their work.

The settings I have for User Experience are:

Install behavior: Install for system
Logon requirement: Only when a user is logged on
Installation program visibility: Normal
Allow users to view and interact is NOT checked.

Are these the correct settings for running Deploy-Application.ps1?

So you dont allow them to interact with it but you want them to see and interact with a window?

Thank you for your quick response! Sound like I need that check box checked. Strange but the deployment I did previously didn’t have that box checked and end users were able to see the pop-ups and prompts. I’ll check it if you’re saying it’s needed. Also is this the correct line to put in the command:

Deploy-Application.exe -DeployType “Install”

Or do I have to specify interactive? Is silent the default

Deploy-Application.exe -DeployType “Install” -DeployMode “Silent”

Are the quotes needed? User guide shows the command with in one section but an example then shows them without.

Quotes arent needed if its only one word. Default is interactive unless UI cant be displayed - like for example if its a console session.

Thanks Luki1412! Working perfectly now thanks to your assistance!

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You’re welcome. Have a nice day.