SCCM 1712 allows for user interaction on System installs

If you have a look at this page:

Allow user interaction when installing applications as system

Was introduced in the 1711 Technical preview but still listed as a new feature in Technical Preview 1712. This gives us the possibility to allow users to interact with an application deployed to System and set to run “Whether or not a user is logged in or not”. A question I got on Twitter when tweeting the picture is if the application can be added to a Task Sequence when that setting is used and the answer is YES.

I wonder if this will allow us to get around the ‘Session 0’ issue when deploying as system instead of using the ‘hacky’ ways that are required now.

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Been using this feature and it has been working great (AppModel deployment type user interaction tab now matches the options we had available in package/programs); the only nuisance is a device invariably checking in using an older client complaining that we are more or less using an incompatible deployment type.

Have you used any AppModels set up this way in imaging yet? We’ve got some BIOS update stuff that I was looking into converting over to imaging use, among some other items. Does it allow UI through the task sequence session?