SCCM Required Deployment Supress PS UI

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We have one annoying problem in SCCM. If we prepare an Application with User Experience parameters in the Deployment: Install for system, Whether or not and user is logged on, then if we create an Deployment of the Available type, the graphical UI works. However, if we target the same application as Required, the graphical UI is suppressed (in the settings we use CloseApp with TimeOut). In addition, I found that PSADT behaves differently with different types of Deployment content such as MSI, Script, etc. The current Workaround is in User Experience to check the option “Allow user to view and interact with the program installation” which SCCM refers to as Security Issue and on PC Additionally, a PowerShell black window appears on the user with the code running. Our goal is to install the application on both the logged in user (using Close Apps and TimeOut) and the unlogged user. We have the PSADT version 3.8.2. and SCCM 2006. Thanks for your advice and comments. Marek will greet you


you are supposed to start Deploy-Application.exe and not Deploy-Application.ps1. That is why you see the console. The exe is there to start powershell hidden. “Allow user to view and interact with the program installation” is there so you allow users to interact with the UI, which is needed for the window to be visible. Also, use version 3.8.3 as we fixed many issues there.

thanks for respond. I try use Deploy-Application.exe with latest build 3.8.3 and looks good(no Black Window). In next version of some app which i Deploy like Available but with “Automatically upgrade any superseded versions of this application” CheckBox, i will focus on the behavior as the UI was also completely suppressed here.
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