Session 0, SCCM and prompts


I would like to show the prompts I have made when the application is being installed by SCCM, installing for system whether or not users are logged in.
I see that this could be done via serviceui.exe or by making 2 different deployment types (meaning I would need to create 2 applications, since while the user is logged in application couldn’t be used in a task sequence).
Was just wondering if I was missing something. I have also tried installing with parameters Deploy-Application.exe Install Interactive (as defined HERE) with the same result-installing script manually or via app catalog shows prompts however not when the install is deployed through SCCM.
Does anyone have any works around or experiences with this?

Thanks! 


From PSadtk you will know if someone is logged in on the computer. So you have to make a condition in your script to test if someone is logged in or not.

We created a Winbatch compiled script to show Windows with message and those Windows will be showed only if a user is logged on. Just use the Execute-ProcessAsUser function. Don’t forget sccm as a 12 hour timeout.



Thanks for the reply. Here is my user logged in checking below. It works great when manually installing the package-just not with SCCM.

    If ($DeployMode -eq "Interactive")
        # Show install prompt.
        Write-Log "Showing install prompt warning."
        $dialog = (Show-InstallationPrompt -Message "This installation will install $aVendor $aName software.<code>n</code>n Please save your work before continuing. <code>n</code>n To defer installation, click the <code>DEFER</code> button on the next screen." -Icon 'Information' -PersistPrompt -ButtonMiddleText 'OK')


While deploying with sccm deploymode will not be interactive. You will have to use another way to display a prompt. I mean it will not be working with application model but should work with package model and user interaction.

Am I crazy or did this used to work?

I could swear that it worked at some point, I had been deploying in this fashion for years now and I could swear that I could set a required install, wehter or not user is logged in, and it would still display the UI.

I only noticed that it didn’t at the last Java update we did this week and people started complaining that IE closed without a prompt.

for SCCM application deployment so the toolkit runs for both the logged in user and the system.
Add the ServiceUIx86 or x64 to the root of your package where the deploy-application sits

you need to set the following user experience:
install behaviour - install for system
Logon requirement - whether or not a user is logged on
Installation program visibility - Hidden

under the program tab:
Browse to your package and select the ServiceUI x86 or x64 and select open it should read as follows
installation program - “ServiceUIx86.exe” Deploy-Application.exe

tick the run as 32 bit process on 64 bit clients if you are using the x86 ServiceUI

Deploy your application and it should work.

I’ve read a few issues around this with ServiceUI and the ones i have read had the installation as “ServiceUIx86.exe Deploy-Application.exe” this didn’t work for me until I changed it to “ServiceUIx86.exe” Deploy-Application.exe

Hope this helps