Close programs & lync (Skype)

I used this in my script before triggering an upgrade from Office 2016 to Office 365:
Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps ‘lync,outlook,winword,excel,powerpnt,msaccess,mspub,onenote,visio’ -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 10 -PersistPrompt -PromptToSave -BlockExecution -CheckDiskSpace -RequiredDiskSpace 4000

Frequently, when the option “Close Programs” is used, it fails to kill Skype for Business (lync.exe). Instead, the Skype window is maximized.

Nothing special is happening in that Skype window at the moment (not in a conf call or anything).
When I manually use Stop-Process in a powershell window, Skype does close properly.

Anyone else seen this behaviour ?
Any idea how I can get it to (always) close instead of (sometimes) maximize ?

Im working on the same thing. I have not worked on it yet. but for the time being you can always call a .bat to close the application

The idea is that it only closes when the user approves it, as I don’t want to kill it while the user is using Skype actively.
And writing a custom procedure with similar popup as Show-InstallationWelcome would kinda defeat the purpose of using PSAppDeployToolkit, not ?

since you have the user approve all other things. you can name skype and then after the person approve you can place the .bat in the Pre-install code so it wont proceed unless approved.

skype for business is actually lynchtmlconv