Preventing opening office apps

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I am building a Microsoft office 2021 pro package.
Office 2016 is installed in all workstations.
I am using this command:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps ‘Winword,Excel,Powerpnt,Outlook,MsAccess,OneNote,Lync,MSPUB,msedge’ -Silent -BlockExecution -CheckDiskSpace -RequiredDiskSpace 10000

Seems that if one of the apps are still open when the script is running, it closes right away as he spose to. , but if I try to open one of the apps during installation, the script does not block it.

is this parameter -BlockExecution should not block the execution of these apps?

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Hi I’d suspect it is due to an incorrect choice of quotes.
Try using double quotes around your app list, e.g.:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps "Winword,Excel,Powerpnt,Outlook,MsAccess,OneNote,Lync,MSPUB,msedge" -Silent -BlockExecution -CheckDiskSpace -RequiredDiskSpace 10000


Unfortunately, its the same result.
Thank you

I wonder if this is due to the behaviour of the -silent switch.
Personally I’d rather prompt the user that they need to close the apps so the install can run (or upgrade) rather than just silently close any open apps.

Reading your comment:

“…if I try to open one of the apps during installation, the script does not block it.”

Does this happen when you open every one of the apps listed in the -CloseApps list or just a specific one (or two)? - I’m just thinking that maybe the application process that is being blocked does not match the name of the executable?

Wonder if you could try the syntax slightly differently?
Maybe without the -Silent switch and maybe (optionally) add the -AllowDeferCloseApps switch
I believe you should also include a -CheckDiskSpace switch as the PSADT documentation (Show-InstallationWelcome · PSAppDeployToolkit) states -RequiredDiskSpace used in combination with CheckDiskSpace:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps "Winword,Excel,Powerpnt,Outlook,MsAccess,OneNote,Lync,MSPUB,msedge" -BlockExecution -AllowDeferCloseApps -CheckDiskSpace -RequiredDiskSpace 10000

FYI: The -AllowDeferCloseApps switch will only prompt the user to defer the install if any of the apps listed in your -CloseApps list are open / running, or else the install should continue silently.

P.S. I’m not certain, but I think the Microsoft Office install may install OneDrive?
I wonder if you should add OneDrive to the -CloseApps list, so OneDrive is closed before the upgrade runs?

Sorry I’m not sure if the above is useful, give it a try and let us know

I am sorry it took a long time to come back to you

I have tried your suggestions and the same results.

I have tried to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint. All 3 of them were open while installation was running.

I recall that in the begging that feature worked fine. Its stopped working sometimes after I add more & more commands to the PS1 file.

Thank you any way :slight_smile: