New to PSAppDeploykit and having an issue

I’m trying to put together an install package and having some issues that I can’t figure out.

For this install to work, outlook, excel, word and the current version of pfx engagement have to be closed out. Ideally I want a message to pop up telling the users these need to be closed out (basically the installation welcome window message). I’ve tried doing this with this code:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps ‘outlook.exe, excel.exe, winword.exe, setup.exe, install.exe, ptoneclk, pfxengagement.exe, pfxengagement, pfxpdfconvertservice.exe’ -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 3 -CheckDiskSpace -PersistPrompt

My problem is I don’t get prompted about outlook or excel or word even though they are open to close. I’ve tried outlook, excel, winword, word… none seem to work. Do I need to do in separate lines? I’ve done searching on here/google/youtube and usually can only find examples of closing of 1 app, sometimes 2.

If I just place the msi in the files folder, and don’t do any customization to the script, it doesn’t close out any of the office apps, just the pfx engagement stuff. technically it can install with these open but there is plugins that office uses and sometimes it causes issues if you leave office open so best practice is to close office.

My plan is to use intune to push this out once I get it working correctly. I would like to give users the option to save their work before closing out of engagement and office, and then proceed with the silent install. Any help or if anyone can lead me to the answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Remove the .exe part so it’s just “outlook,excel,winword”. It doesn’t work with the suffix.

awesome thank you. the other thing I just realized was a issue is I had a space before the comma which I needed to take out. Thank you again.

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