Remove the "Continue" option in the InstallationWelcome Screen.

The prompt gives you the option to ‘Close programs’ (that need to be closed for the installation to run successfully), ‘Defer’ (up to 3 times) and ‘Continue’ (which you’d hit after you closed what was needed to be closed). My question is, can you edit the code to completely remove the ‘Continue’ option? Or is that so deeply imbedded as it’s such a standard button, that I am going to be causing a lot of grief trying?
We have a lot of people in our company and while installing some new software certain running processes have to be closed. The easy ones like IE and Word can be done simply by hitting the “X” in the corner like 99% of our employees will do. Software like Lync is another story and I know the second this is deployed our support will get 1000 calls of “I closed Lync, hit continue but its still telling me to close Lync!”
SO, I want to only give the option to close programs or defer. Can I remove the Continue button all together??

Please help


I’d also like to now about above. I can imagine users getting confused about this one. Is there an easy way to remove the “Continue” button?


No update on this? Would be great if the only two options were defer or close programs.

Clicking continue re-enumerates the processes that are open. If all processes required to be closed have been closed, the installation will continue. Otherwise, the remaining processes to be closed will be displayed along with any deferral options if present. The script does not periodically re-enumerate running processes. If you remove the continue button, there is no way for the installation to continue after a user has opted to manually close applications themselves. Let’s assume that the script did periodically re-enumerate running processes and detected that the processes have been closed, we cannot assume to continue since there may still be an option to defer the installation. If there are no processes to close and there is an option to defer, the continue button is also required. Regarding Lync, the “Close Programs” button is there for processes running in the background. We will consider adding functionality to periodically enumerate running processes without using the continue button in scenarios where there is no deferral option. We will not remove the Continue button, for the above reasons and due to the complexity it would add to the UI text in the Show-InstallationWelcome prompt depending on whether or not the Continue button is present.

I’ve just pushed a commit to add this new feature to the next release:

Added the ability to re-enumerate running applications while displaying Show-InstallationWelcome. If previously detected running applications are manually closed and no deferral is available, the installation will automatically continue. If deferral is available, Show-InstallationWelcome will be updated to remove the close apps list. The AutoContinue option is set to True by default in the XML configuration file.