Cannot launch deploy-application

I created a few ps app deploy scripts and successfully tested them last week. This week I created a new script and for some reason the deploy-application.exe will not launch at all. I’ve tried both interactive and non-interactive and it doesnt even start the process (no log file).

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? I’ve started from scratch and tried to copy an existing deployment and modify it, with no success. I did run an existing install script to verify that permissions and the powershell install are not an issue.


Run the ps1 in PowerShell ISE and see if any errors are displayed. Typically if no log is generated, there is a critical error in the script.

Looks like you are right. I am trying to run some .msi files with certain parameters but this is the error I see when I run the script in ISE.

Unexpected token ‘’/norestart /passive’’ in expression or statement.