PSAppDeploymentToolkit Use Cases

I am new here and i am playing around with this nice PSappDeployToolkit.
I am wondering if i missed something out regarding this Toolkit.
I already created a few little scipts and get a feel and look about this . I am somehow not able to find out answers and i hope someone can get help

I have to install Software to Client machines where no one have admin credentials.
I am the only one who has admin rights.
Now i am wondering how i can install software to several client machines?

Can someone give few hints?

Thanks in advance for any help / hint or reply!


PSappDeployToolkit is meant to be used with software distribution software like SCCM.

PSappDeployToolkit does NOT magically copy files to computers and trigger installation with an elevated Admin account. This is what SCCM does.

There are free tools that are like SCCM available but I just do not know them by name.

Sorry I cannot help you more.

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Thanks for your answer, but i thought here are users who are using this toolkit and i am interessted how they are using it. I guess some are using remote powershell commands, some psexec or some both of that or deploment software… whatever … i thought when we are talking about Software deployment we come fast to my questions.

I know that this toolkit is not copying the files or elevating admin credentials…


We are using the toolkit as a direct replacement to WiseScript in my organization for pretty much all of our software deployment/configuration scripting needs (30k+ Windows endpoints worldwide). I have created a customized Deploy-Application.ps1 & AppDeployToolkitExtensions.ps1 with a few helper functions for our environment. I have also created a small frontend UI to ensure that individual script instances are created in a standardized fashion and organized by vendor/name/version/revision in a single place.

For deployments we use SMP & a in-house self-service installation software. Both solutions do copy the script packages locally and will run them elevated.

There can be quite a learning curve to it depending on your existing Powershell/scripting/programming background but it is well worth it in my opinion. We also made sure to first have .NET 4.5.1 & PS 5.1 on every computer to minimize the compatibility issues.

The transition has been an extremely fun learning experience, thanks to this very well done toolkit and its dedicated team!

thanks Johann for your answer.

How can i deploy more than 1 application. How would the folder structure look like?
I guess best would be to name the install scripts like Deploy-Vlc.ps1, Deploy-7zip.ps1 and so on…
this should work except the deploy-application.exe , or?

Not a problem.

Each script has its own folder on our network repository.

The whole structure of the toolkit template gets copied over (folders and all files…), only individual ‘Deploy-Application.ps1’ files are renamed following the ‘[Vendor] [Name] [Version].ps1’ convention, ‘Cisco Proximity’ for example. I do keep the rest of the file names unchanged.

Since we are many scripters and have a high output rate, I have automated the whole script creation process to avoid duplicates and ensure consistency, but this is the general idea. I hope this makes sense?