Toolkit messages are displayed incorrectly on Taiwanese clients

Hi everybody,

we try to distribute software to Taiwanese Windows 10 clients using the PSAppDeployToolkit. Users in Taiwan reported that they see strange toolkit dialogs:


Is this a localization issue or is it an issue with the font being used to display the message? Is there a way to force the messages to English instead? Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance!

BTW: We already experienced issues with an older version of the toolkit in Taiwan as well. The Deploy-Application.ps1 terminated with return code 60008 on these Clients. I found Exit code 60008 when deploying with ConfigMgr - The Toolkit / General Discussion - PSAppDeployToolkit Community - this problem was caused by special characters on those machines.

That looks completely broken, like multiple issues not just with the characters.
Please use the latest version and try again.

Hi, I found the issue. We used a script to search and replace some specific string in AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml when creating a new application. Unfortunately one version of the script seemed to open AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml with wrong encoding settings. That caused several localization strings to be replaced with ??? instead… The toolkit made everything right - it was my fault!