Problems with umlauts (German) - 3.8.2


umlauts in german are not correct displayed anymore.

For Example:
ü --> ü

We found out that the coding of the “AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml” file has changed in the latest 3.8.2 Version.

3.8.1 -->UTF-8-BOM
3.8.2 -->UTF-8

We changed the coding of the file in Version 3.8.2 to “UTF-8-BOM” and afterwards it displays the umlauts correct.

Is this best pratice?

We found another solution:

keep/set coding of “AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml” -->UTF-8

Change the line 254 in the AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1:
“… Get-Content -LiteralPath $AppDeployConfigFile” --> “… Get-Content -LiteralPath $AppDeployConfigFile -Encoding UTF8”

Thank you for your post! I ran into the same problem as you did recently, but had no time to dive deeper into this, yet ;D

Added -Encoding through a pull request. Thanks for reporting.

UPDATE: Resolved in 3.8.3