3.6.9 Release Imminent!

Hello Community,
We will be releasing version 3.6.9 of the Appdeploy Toolkit soon.

Please review any issues you have open and provide feedback if they’ve been resolved in our github page.

If we requested clarification or more information, please provide that ASAP. Otherwise we will close your issue. If you still think its an issue after that, please open a new one.

Thank you,
The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit Team


On this issue they were suggestions to solve it. Why not implementing the solution?

Hi Francois,
This issue is a fairly complicated one that could potentially break existing code. We’ll be looking at implementing it in the next major version, so your issue will remain open. Other issues like yours that are complex or have the potential to break existing functions will be looked at in the following version and will remain open until then. Or if we decide we cannot support the request we’ll close it at that time and provide a reason.

The statement about closing issues was directed at users who have not followed up on requests for new logs or clarification.

Hi Aman,

I understand. Did you get a look on the solution. Using a Com instead of directly a texte result is a great idea. The author tested it on Windows 7 and me on Windows 8.1.