Some technical Questions for my individual Deployment


I did some testing with the toolkit and I like it.
I don’t have SCCM. I did code my own deployment-software with powershell to setup terminal-servers from scratch.
I have a few technical questions …

  • My powershell-script, which starts the installation of the packages, has ist own logfile. The PS-App-Deploy-Toolkit logs everything to console and to an individual logfile. Would it be possible to “tee” the toolkit-output to my logfile too?

  • I have 5 different server-installations. My current packages contain the information, which Installation-type the package is applicable.
    It contains a line like “$ApplicationFor = @(“Install-A”,“Install-B”,“Install-D”)”. If the package is not applicable, the Installation does not even start.
    How could I implement this easily to a toolkit-package?

  • Will there be issues, if I would change the file-name of “Deploy-Application.ps1” to a custom name?

  • My logging-function is also named “Write-Log”. :frowning:

Thank you!


  1. Yes you may give the name you want to the log file. It is just a variable. Check the write-log funciton.
  2. Not sure to understand your point but you may add variables test.ps1 -typeinstall install-A.
  3. No, we are working like that. All packages has its own name.

I did rethink my strategy about it. I will keep things simple.

  1. I will not take the toolkit log into my log.
  2. I will use an additional control file, which contains the installation-type.
  3. I will keep the name and try to leave everything untouched.
  4. My plans were to DotSource the script, which would be problematic. I will just call it with start-process.