Having an issue with the 3.9.1 toolkit. Show-InstallationWelcome and Show-InstallationProgress are not presenting for the logged in user. After reading through some other posts I verifed that I am not using the -deploymode silent or -deploymode noninteractive. I also verified I am not using the -silent parameter on either.

I am deploying via SCCM and I am also using serviceui (which I would really like to get away from.) I also verified I have the “Allow users to view and interact with the Program Installation” box is checked.

It’s definitely a permissions issue. The popups come up just fine when the logged in user is an admin.

I’m sure it’s something dumb on my part, but any ideas would be appreciated.

There is a 3.9.2 version but the feedback I’m getting is hit and miss.

There are some discussions about it in this Discourse forum, in the GitHub Discussion forums and in a few of the reported issues for PSADT.

I’ve seen this behavior in versions going back to 3.6.9. In fact I have a package that came to light just yesterday that was doing the same thing. If I recall, often times you need to set “Run this program interactively” in order for it to display properly.

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