PS App deploy toolkit - Show-InstallationWelcome

Within our organisation, users dont have the rights to install applications, and we use SCCM to install applications under the system context, which works fine for the most part.

But iv just created an installation package for something which needs to close some running applications prior to running, so have used the Show-InstallationWelcome cmdlet, alas when i deploy this, it successfully kills the running applications, but the user doesnt see the prompt, or have the ability to defer (as has been specified in the welcome prompt).

In our old cmd scripts, we used to throw the msg.exe command with it set to all sessions, is there a way to get the InstallationWelcome to do the same ?

This is because you are running it Under the session 0 (system) with no interaction. You did not said if this is a package or application model. Under package there is an option to interact with user and not with application model. I would suggest run Something with runprocessasuser.

found the solution, it was an application deployment, but there is a checkbox in the user experience, allow interaction with the user…

Checked that, and when it runs the user gets the welcome screen… :slight_smile:


This is only when a user is logged on.