Show-InstallationProgress getting stuck

Hello everyone,

Been using PSADT for around 4-5 years and love it.
I just did a deployment this weekend of VLC Media Player using PSADT to about 2500 computers and while I had about 1800 computers that didn’t have any issue, I did have one that I know of that had a glitch. I’ve seen this glitch occur on other deployments in the past and am curious if anyone has a solution. I’ve noticed that occasionally, the Show-InstallationProgress window will get stuck and sit on the screen for many hours after a deployment is finished. I have a pretty fancy deployment setup with the Show-InstallationProgress changing for each step in the progress displaying the name of the step that is on and percent till completion and I’m curious if the reason for this is because the Show-InstallationProgress window gets called or changed too quickly. I believe the first one says the default message of “Installation in progress. Please Wait…” Its typically right after that I change the text to whatever the next step would be. Do most of you guys just remove the first Show-InstallationProgress box or do you add a Start-Sleep -Seconds 3 in there to give it some time before telling it to change, or do you do something completely different?

Thanks - Glad to be part of the community.

What toolkit version?

The Latest version 3.8.4

You dont need to keep the default one. That is just an example.

Is it creating multiple windows for you?

Yeah I think fixed the issue, I did remove the default one and for each Show-InstallationProgress I added a start-sleep -seconds 2 just to allow it to catch up incase it flies by the next step. I think on older slower laptops, it would go through the step a little too quick and it would pop up multiple progress windows. I think doing the start-sleep will help it out. Thanks