Show-InstallationProgress : WPF TextBlock Output Help

I am playing around with a new idea to update drivers for my organization that are out in the wild.

I added some stuff within PSADT to install and run Get-WindowsUpdate to install drivers. this works perfectly fine as it connects to the Windows Update Service to grab drivers specific to the machine.

Now when I run Get-WindowsUpdate, it shows a progress bar but, I have found that it is very difficult to capture that information from the progress bar.

I modified the main ps1 script for PSADT and updated the XAML used for the Show-InstallationProgress. I have it displaying the scrpt output to the textblock just for the user to see that the script is still going.

Im having a difficult time trying to make a progress bar show up on the PSADT GUI (WPF).

Has anyone done something like this in the past? Not sure if there are plans to add a progress bar as a PSADT official function.

Here is a screenshot of the GUI with the modified XAML to add a textblock



Ooooh this sounds like a great idea…
We use 3 variants of HP Elitebook Laptops, so we have generally used the HP CMSL to install updated drivers and software via Intune Remediation scripts, but this can be a bit ‘lumpy’ for users (poor user experience) - as when Display drivers are installed the screen(s) will often flash / flicker while the drivers install or, when Network drivers are updated the user will briefly loose network connectivity.

Because of this, we have resorted to not automatically updating Display or Network drivers, rather choosing to manually use Get-WindowsUpdate on a case-by-case basis - which is too costly in terms of effort.

So, what you are working on could be a great solution for us, so we could return to automatically updating these drivers as well as giving users some notification that updated drivers need to be installed - allowing the user to be aware and let them to gracefully install.

Once you have a working solution, if you could share it here that would be really helpful, not just for us, but other PSADT users.
Thanks in advance

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