Progress bar visibility during OSD

I’m using the following step during my task sequence to deliver applications to devices and was hoping to see the PS App Deploy Toolkit, customised to our org, install progress windows during OSD. The reason I wanted visibility of this is because I’m installing multiple pieces of software within a single PS AD deploy script and would otherwise only see the task sequence step name, not the individual piece of software.

I’m using a ‘Run Command Line’ step to execute the following, please note that the TS step before maps the O:
drive that’s referenced:

C:\WINDOWS\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoLogo -NonInteractive -NoProfile -File O:\Device\Install-Apps.ps1 -DeployMode Interactive

The Install-Apps.ps1 file referenced contains anywhere from 2 to 30 apps and is structured as below :

    Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage "Installing Adobe Design Suite 2017"
    $PackageID = "\IT3000CD"
    $Installer = "\Install.vbs"
    execute-Process -Path "cscript.exe" -Parameters "$DP$PackageID$Installer" -WorkingDirectory "$DP$PackageID"
    Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage "Installing Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 - English"
    $PackageID = "\IT300153"
    $Installer = "\_Install_AutoCAD_2018NoUninstalls.vbs"
    execute-Process -Path "cscript.exe" -Parameters "$DP$PackageID$Installer" -WorkingDirectory "$DP$PackageID"

There are no issues with the software installing and so my question really is: is it possible to show the progress bars during OSD? The same command line, executed when logged onto a device throws all of the customised progress bars, no issue.

Thanks in advance!


As far as I know, when the OS deployment is done on bare metal machine ( which doesn’t have OS ) then any PSDT application which runs thought task sequence doesn’t show progress bar as it runs in no user logged on session. Progress bar are allowed only on logged on user device.