Make Show-InstallationProgress full screen?

We want to run a PSAD script that runs some installs and restarts when done. We want a full screen that basically says “Please wait, installing updates and restarting system”. I’ve played around with the Show-InstallationProgress function but cannot get it full screen. Has anyone done anything like this? Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions.


You need to edit the AppdeployToolkitMain.ps1 and edit the values of the form “$formInstallationPrompt”

Line 1440
$formInstallationPrompt.WindowState = ‘Normal’ >>>Change to Maximized

Disregard my previous e-mail…that was only valid in version 3.7.0

With version 3.8.0 that particular function “Show-InstallationProgress” has “migrated” the form from Windows Forms to WPF.

Try adding this line around line No 7317
$xamlProgress.Window.WindowsState = “Maximized”

Thanks so much! I will try it out.