InstallationProgress dialogs fail to display under System context

This is actually a re-post from the old Codeplex forum, keep running into that issue as well: The Show-InstallationProgress dialog, when run under session 0 (Interactive System Context via ConfigMgr 07 or psexec) on Win7x64 either fail for display, or sometimes will display up to 2-5 minutes later. Additionally if called the function multiple times to update the status message, the script spins up that many separate dialogs at the same time. Experiencing with both 3.6.3 and 3.6.4 beta, PS 3.0 and 4.0. Log doesn’t show any particular error and all other dialogs appearing fine. I see there is plan to resolve this in v4 but is there any workaround for now?

Please wait for v4.