SCCM deployment failing with error 0x656(1622)

Getting SCCM Software Center failure code 0x656(1622) when uninstalling software via guid when using PSADT.

First I was receiving detection method error, I then created a registry key to use as detection method now I get 0x656(1622).

How can I fix this?

I’m guessing this is an MSI error: msi error 1622 at DuckDuckGo

You do not mention where you got this error (e.g. SCCM console or PSADT log file)

I am receiving this in Software Center.

I’ll assuming both carverparkes and Yashim_Greene work at the same place.

I’ll also assume that the error get to SW Ctr like this:

In which case, my link above has some search results mentioning that error 1622 means MSI cannot create it’s log file.

It could be caused by running PSADT in the user context and the user not having perms to write the MSI log files.

Check the PSADT Log file.
Then you might need to adjust the PSADT XML file or the SCCM Application Object.