Multiple Copies the AppDeployToolkit?

We use MDT and SCCM for OS Deployment and have been using the AppDeploymentToolkit for a about a year. We have anywhere from 5-30 different application we deploy during the OSD task sequence. I am just wondering, is it best practice to have multiple copies of the toolkit - one for each application/version of an application you’re deploying? Or, do most people have one copy of the toolkit, and point to the installer source in individual “Deploy-*.ps1” script files? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

To keep it simple I have been using multiple copies. I have seen where older scripts don’t work correctly with the newer version.

Same here. We have a CA certificate signed copy of the latest version of the toolkit stored as a template and re-use this for every new installation.

Considering SCCM DP’s utilize “smart storage” (or w/e it’s called - aka software based de-dup.) it’s not an issue size wise really. My philosophy is that if an installation works with one version of the toolkit don’t touch (“upgrade”) it until there’s a new version coming out for that application.