App deployment through SharePoint

Hi all,

I am brand new to PSAppDeployToolkit and I was wondering how deploying apps to non admins work while using SharePoint. Can this done from the Web Interface or if the end user has a local sync to the SharePoint site should they run it through there?


I am not sure what you are actually try to ask here. Our toolkit is written in powershell and is deployed through the network(for example by SCCM or Intune) and then executed either under current user or SYSTEM. I am not sure where in this does SharePoint come in.

Hello @luki1412,

Thank you for following up. I would like to use the toolkit to deploy software to computers not on my network, that also do not have admin access on there computer. My thought with the SharePoint is that they would download the file remotely and run it to install without the need for admin access.

If the computers in question have allowed powershell script execution and the installation does not require admin rights and they download it and run it then yes. Seems like a lot of work for the user though.

Great. Thank you for the information.