PSADT and Autologon

Hi PS Gurus, I am a newbie who recently started using PSADT. A fantastic tool that eliminates the need for other packaging tools for the most part. I am very new at this so still learning

I have a question that i was hoping someone can answer. I have a package that requires a reboot after uninstalling the previous version and installing the new one. I was thinking to use Autologon feature using PSADT but not sure if that function is available? We dont have SCCM in the environment so task sequence cannot be utilized.

Any idea how can I accomplish this in PSADT?

Thanks and apologies if this is already discussed.


You can write a registry key at the end of the successful uninstallation, then read that key on the second run after the reboot. Perhaps it could be a solution.

Task scheduler can be used to run the toolkit after a reboot, even under SYSTEM.