PSADTK running even after reboot


I was hoping someone can help me out. We used the Toolkit to push out a new version of Chrome recently.

One one PC the user is unable to Open Chrome because the Toolkit seems to be running still, and thinking it has to block the Application from running as it believes its still installing.

Looking at the logs, I can see it sets up a task and I believe this may still be running. How can I kill this task?

New to this software, so if there are any details I can provide please let me know.


Hi all,

Not long after posting I found the solution. I think the install got interrupted or there was some other issue on this PC that caused it to not complete the process.

I found the log in C:\Windows\Logs\Software for this Chrome install. I could see the process it was going through and that it had created a registry key.

This key was still in the registry, probably because the process was interrupted and it was never cleaned up properly. After removing the key, Chrome was no longer being blocked from running.

Silly issue, perhaps if someone else comes across similar, this will help them.


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