Use PSAppDeployToolkit without admin rights

HI Team,

I’m trying to deploy a MSI package using the PSApp Toolkit, as shown below:
Execute-MSI -Action Install -Path $AppMSIName -SkipMSIAlreadyInstalledCheck -ContinueOnError $False -LogName “${AppMSIName}_MSI” -Parameters ‘REBOOT=ReallySuppress /QN’

I have set the <Toolkit_RequireAdmin>False</Toolkit_RequireAdmin> to false however without it the msi does not run correctly.

I found some threads where it mentioned that this does not work as expected in the latest version, is this correct ? or is there some other config that needs to be set to run along with this ?

Would help me immensely to get a solution for this.

PSADT does not work as expected in the latest version.
Authors have said they will try to fix it for the next version.

Thank you for the reply! Would you happen to know which version is working correctly when it comes to this feature ?

I never needed to run PSADT as admin.

People here like to myopically abuse the Execute-ProcessAsUser function instead.

I use Active Setup instead.

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