Starting Script at Install Phases

I’m not new to PSADT. But I do have a question. Is it possible to start the script at a particular $installphase. I know with the uninstall switch… you can kick off the uninstallation portion of a script. I have a script that needs to reboot after the installation $installphase but I need it to pick up after the reboot and start at the Post-Installation $installphase to complete the install. Is it possible to kick off the script at the $installphases? Just curious… Thanks…

I’ve tried to make this work for years with the MECM Application model. Its just not reliable enough to have it pick back up once it reboots. Best thing and most reliable is to use a task sequence.

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Thanks for your response. I don’t need it to kick off by itself… I was wondering if I can use on the command line "Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType “Post-Installation”… Just to kickoff the remainder of the installation that is under Post-Installation.

I will definitely use a Task Sequence for the reboots.

Yep just add this to the parameters at the top of the script -


Then add a new section. Not necessarily in the Post-Installation area but add another section like the Repair section. Just name it whatever you want. Hopefully, that makes sense.

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Makes Perfect Sense. Thank you!

Set a marker file or reg entry before reboot. Then set condition for psadt to look at marker to set condition on next run after reboot.

On first run you can build a task schedule to reinitiate the psadt package to run again after reboot.

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