Functionality Question

I am building a deployment and am wondering how to approach this.

I will be uninstalling a product suite and Microsoft office suite. Both of which require a reboot after they are uninstalled before I can reinstall them. Does the PSADT allow a reboot in the middle of the script and on reboot continue where it finished off? My only other guess would be to make it a 2 step ordeal making the actual install require the uninstall to run first. Thoughts?

My two cents here.

I don’t believe there’s a built-in “continue-on-reboot-feature”. Not sure if I would go for the following suggestion myself, but you could, in the script, add a scheduled task after the uninstall to trigger the deployment once again after startup or login (depending on the need for interaction of course) and then go on with the reboot. When it starts up again, have the scheduled task deleted and continue with the script. Shouldn’t be too complex but kind of sketchy. If you get a well working script, it would probably be the most user friendly – if you’re planning on deploying during business hours.

Another idea would be to do it as a sccm task sequence (if you’re deploying via sccm). Then you would probably prefer having a script for each task.

[edit]: if you’re deploying through sccm, another idea is to set up the two parts as individual applications, deploy the install but have a dependency on the uninstall application. If the uninstall generates a “reboot required” exit code and is set up to allow reboots, you should have a smoothly running deployment.