[Feature request] ForceInteractive deploymode, progress bar


Here are a few things I think would be great :

  • ForceInteractive mode :

A builtin deployment mode to force interaction of the PADT by bringing back from SYSTEM (session 0) to user session if detected.
This would be very practical to circumvent the SCCM Application limitation that when “allow interaction with user” and “deploy whether or not a user is logged” would be nice.

I know there are a lot of posts about this but I think this would be nice if it was builtin into PADT.

I am actually using this :

%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\qprocess.exe * | find /i “explorer.exe” >nul 2>&1 && (%~dp0ServiceUI.exe %~dp0Deploy-Application.exe Install) || (%~dp0Deploy-Application.exe Install)

THe other important thing would be disabling the tasksequence detection mode , because when using the above trick for an application in a TS running from Windows, the PADT goes back to NonInteractive mode upon detection of the TS COM object.

  • A customizable progress bar for Installation progress

Being able to manually specify from a paramater the % of progress to display. At the moment, on a multiple step installation I just specify in the text : “installing app1 :step 1/3” “installing app2 :step 2/3” etc…

Very simple example :

<start of script>
show installation progress 0%
install app1

show installation progress 33%
install app2

show installation progress 66%
install app3

<end of script>

New feature request :

Execute-AppX : install/uninstall appx :slight_smile:

nope ? :frowning:

nobody ?

These are not simple or straightforward requests, we’ll need some time to work out the implications and decide if we want the toolkit to go in this direction. for example adding an install appx package would be useful, but there are already built in powershell commands which can handle that, so we need to figure out what if anything needs to wrap that command. We’ll get back to you, sit tight.