PADT Script Tester - Tool for testing scripts

This tool was created because times matter when you a busy IT quy. Been using the psappdeploytoolkit for some years now…and feel it was time to give something back to the community. Hope the tools can save times for you too. Enjoy :smiley:

The tool is used combine with a powerfull powershell toolkit framework for deploying software.

It is particularly useful when making a custom psappdeploytoolkit script and you need to test it for errors. You know the rutine wax on, wax off … install and uninstall…install and install…error proofing your script rutine to perfection.

The tool have some usefull tools from nirsoft and sysinternals - press a button and it will download it and execute it.

Tool written for 64bit systems at the moment.

A big Thanks tothe PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit TEAM for creating this amazing powerfull toolkit framework.

Download it at Technet - PADT Script Tester - Tool for testing scripts

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Nice job!

Thanks…the tool it self doesnt write the script YOU do so it only save you some seconds every time in the end we just need to do think smarter :smiley:

This looks very helpful, I’m going to give it a go. Thank you