Enterprise Red Tape & PSAppDeployToolkit Community Tool


I performed a demo of the PSAppDeploy Toolkit in my lab for a client and they really loved it. They did however have a few concerns because this is a Community Tool. They have a very strict policy when bringing any new application/toolset into their Enterprise environment. The two main concerns they have are:

  1.  How often will there be updates to the toolset?  What if they community stops updating it - they would have to spend more resources owning that role
  2.  We didn't write the code - do have access to review all lines of code?
  3.  They are used to having to obtain some type of license to present to their security teams - being a community tool is obtaining a license even a possibility

Just curious if anybody else has had to go through this with a client before and what the process was and the outcome.

Thank you advance!

Hi Adam,

Bureaucratic challenges are common in most organisations when looking to introduce a tool like this. The questions asked are absolutely fair.

  1. At present there are 4 developers on the team, with varying levels of activity. Rest assured we will continue to develop and support the toolkit. As it stands, the toolkit is stable and while there are no guarantees, there is no reason to believe that external factors will impact this, i.e. we would expect the current release to continue to work with SCCM and Windows 10 through the lifecycle of those products.

  2. The code is open source and publically available to review.

  3. The toolkit is licensed under the Microsoft Public License. Link to old website: http://psappdeploytoolkit.codeplex.com/license

What I can also add is that the toolkit is used in many large global corporations and industries, including professional services, banking, government, military, retail, with seats including 50k, 80k & 300k+. If we had one of those slides that vendors show with their customer’s logos, you could expect to see some big names on there. The confidence that this should provide is that the toolkit is a staple in many organisations and has been proven operationally on millions of endpoints globally with different OS, languages, etc.

Hope that helps.

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your feedback. This is exactly what I needed. I appreciate your insight.


Just wanted to add I use the toolkit all the time. I’m grateful for your time in creating this!