Is PSAppDeployToolkit dead?

I wonder, is PSADT dead?

The last commit on PSAppDeployToolkit is already dated from July 2021. The latest release 3.8.4 dates from Jan 27, 2021.

We love PSADT, it would be a pity if it is not maintained anymore.

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We need to remember that PSADT is created and maintained by volunteers doing this in their own time for the benefit of everyone. The PSADT is a fairly mature product, sure there are issues and some new features I’m sure we’d all love to see but the toolkit is completely usable in its current form. I check the website pretty much every week hoping to see a new version released but then I get on with packaging using the existing version which does pretty much everything I want already.

I’d like to thank the developers of PSADT for their great work and patiently wait for the release of the next version of the toolkit.


Very true, I understand this. My question was not to blame anyone. Just to hear if it’s still alive and I would like to see 3.8.5 to be released :slight_smile:

I believe new version is going to be released before end of year.
Let’s see, would definitely love to see new functions but as of now, I just modified the script to my template usage.

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Its alive! Powershell AppDeploy Toolkit 3.9 released.


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