Oracle Universal Installer

Hello Guys,
I’m working on a deployment script for Oracle Client 11g but I’m having issues with the function Execute-Process. I believe that the function doesn’t wait for the “perfect” installer Oracle developed. (I’m assuming it’s because it’s setup.exe starts oui.exe that starts java.exe …). How can I make the function wait for the process to finish?
To be more specific, the script starts launches the process and immediately exists while the installation process is still running. The function returns the exit code 0

I would create a loop to check if the process is running, if it is wait x seconds. Something like

DO { Start-sleep -Seconds 30 } While (Get-Process -Name “OUI” -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)

Can you provide your script of how your installing? trying to figure out how to get this done as well.


i know this is old, but wanted to say that Brian’s suggestion helped me.

Here is what i entered and seems to fix the issue at least for the 64 bit

If ($Is32BitProcess) {
		Execute-Process -Path &quot;$dirFiles\32bit\client\setup.exe&quot; -Parameters &quot;-silent -responseFile [*responsefile*]&quot;
		Else {
		Execute-Process -Path &quot;$dirFiles\64bit\client\setup.exe&quot; -Parameters &quot;-silent -responseFile [*responsefile*]&quot;
		DO { Start-sleep -Seconds 30 } While (Get-Process -Name “oui” -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)
		DO { Start-sleep -Seconds 30 } While (Get-Process -Name “java” -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)

only issue i am running into atm is a system running 32 bit is trying to run the 64bit installer

hopefully this will help you out

Not sure what $32BitProcess variable is. I would flip things around and use $Is64Bit

yep. tried that once i posted on here and that did it.
love and hate simple fixes like that